As a college student, I am overwhelmed with lots of assignments. I have to prepare for exams, do presentations, work on group projects and stuff like that. So I may not have enough time to do…


(Because xxx is much cheaper.)  As a college student, I am on a tight budget since I have to spend a lot of money on different things, like paying expensive tuitions, covering my living expenses, you know, things like room and board. Therefore, saving some money really matters and should be a top priority to me. (I will not spend extra money on unnecessary things.)


I can make friends with people who are from distinctive cultural backgrounds, thus I can get to know their cultures, customs and ways of living. By interacting with them,  I can broaden my horizon and have new perspectives on things. This can help me become a well-rounded person.


When I … , I feel like I can forget about my busy life and study. It’s a great way to ease my pressure and I can release my destructive emotions like depression, sorrow and even rage. (When I go back to my study, I can be more productive.)


When working in a group, people have different responsibilities. We need to work closely with each other to finish the project together. In this process, we can get a chance to develop cooperation awareness, which will be very useful in a professional environment.


I can write this on my resume and future employers will value this experience/skill. It definitely gives me a better shot to find a job in the future.


I can share my opinion with others. When exchanging ideas with others, we can find different solutions to the same problem. I can have new views and perspectives through discussion. At the same time, I can connect more with peers.


It’s rewarding and meaningful. When I do these activities, I feel like I have something to offer to others and I feel like I am needed by the community. It really gives me a great sense of achievement.


From him I have learned a lot of important lessons. First of all, we should cherish our friendship since friends are a big part of our life. As the saying goes, “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” Also, I have learned the importance of never giving up even though we might have many setbacks and barriers in our lives. Instead, we should be motivated to achieve our goals and hold fast to our dreams.


All we need is a WI-FI access and a laptop. We do not have to commute from one place to another. Thus, we can save a lot of time and use them to focus on other important stuff.


Actually, exercising and working out in the gym are good ways for us to keep fit. Plus, jogging the park and doing sports like basketball, soccer and even baseball are also good ways for us to stay in a good shape since we can burn a lot of calories by doing these activities.


Actually, we should not just burn coals. Instead, the use of clean and renewable energies should be encouraged like tide, wind, solar power, and even nuclear power. Since they do not pollute the air, people will enjoy better health. As a result, we can make the world a better place to live in.


I think sharing program of public transports like train, subway, bus and even public bike should be encouraged. Only in this way can we reduce pollution discharged by vehicles. Finally people can have a better environment, making the world a better place to live in.


By doing this, I might come across likeminded people. As the old saying goes, “Birds of the same feather flock together.” When spending time with people who have the same hobby, I will have so much to talk about and we can share our perspectives with each other, which is very enjoyable.


Task 3


Reading                               Listening
Changes              ———①———>         Attitude
Reason1              ———②———>         Reason1
Reason2              <———④———         Reason2


  1. XXX is in disagreement with the plan
  2. However, the man holds a different/opposite/contradictory opinion
  3. XXX is in opposition to
  4. XXX is skeptical of the plan
  5. XXX casted doubt on/has his doubt on
  6. XXX has his reservations regarding the plan
  7. XXX thinks little of the plan
  8. XXX holds the man in low regard
  9. XXX opposes the plan
  10. XXX thinks the plan is unreasonable/questionable/problematic/invalid/won’t have the intended effect/unfounded/baseless/unsubstantiated/useless/impractical/unwise/won’t make a difference/makes no sense
  11. XXX raised valid arguments against the plan
  12. XXX questions the validity of the plan


  1. Nevertheless
  2. This being said
  3. In order to contradict with the reading
  4. However, the man argued/stated/pointed out/mentioned/told us/claimed/believed/suggested/introduced/indicated that
  5. Contradictory with the reading
  6. In contradiction to
  7. In refute of
  8. As refute to
  9. Opposite to reading’s argument


  1. To strengthen/reinforce his argument/position/point of view
  2. Adding to/in addition to his previous argument
  3. In order to further explain/elaborate/illustrate his position
  4. In order to shed further light on his opinion


  1. And this is contradictory to the reading’s second reason/point/hopes/goals/aims/claims/intentions
  2. This directly opposes


Reading                               Listening                             
Changes              ———①———>         Attitude
Reason1              ———②———>         Reason1
Reason2              <———④———          Reason2


  1. XXX is a supporter of
  2. XXX thinks highly of the plan
  3. XXX holds the plan in high regard
  4. XXX thinks the plan is sound/valid/solid/necessary/will work/could accomplish the university’s goal


  1. To further illustrate
  2. XXX used XXX as an example to help us understand the reading’s position
  3. To give justification to the reading


  1. That supported the reading’s claims
  2. And that’s exactly what the reading said

Task 4


Task 6



The reading passage presents three reasons for the claim that …. However, this statement is questioned by the lecture which provides drastically different evidence. The professor in the lecture attacks the arguments in the passage one by one.

He starts by pointing out that … which verifies that … This directly contradicts the viewpoint that … , as demonstrated in the reading passage.

Then the professor continues to maintain that … . To illustrate his point, he explains that … According to the reading passage, however, … Therefore, the lecture goes against what is presented in the passage.

Finally, the professor states that … . To be more specific, … . This explanation also casts serious doubt on the contents of the reading passage, which considers …   


In recent decades, people become increasingly concerned with … . Triggering a wide-ranging debate over the issue of whether … . Many people, especially … insist the view that … because … . Reasonable as their statement sounds, I still hold the opinion that … for the following reasons.


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